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Gastronomic restaurant in Colmar

Restaurant étoilé MICHELIN

A setting
of absolute purity

The moment you step into Restaurant Girardin, you will become enveloped in a feeling of timeless purity and lightness.

The dining room is wrapped in a subtle blend of white colours, a mix of materials, textures and light streaming in through stained glass windows.

Everything is delicacy and softness.

No decoration… Except for the Bocci blown-glass wall lamps. The dining room is the carefully minimalist setting for the gastronomic cuisine of Chef Eric Girardin

A moment of authenticity and intimacy experienced in the grandeur of an alcove created with cloth scales, or comfortably seated in front of table settings dressed in immaculate white and emphasised with a strikingly white orchid. 

To keep our promise of an authentic gastronomic experience in an intimate, muted atmosphere, Restaurant Girardin only has 14 settings and a limited number of guests around each table… 

Opening times

  • From Thursday to Saturday evenings only
  • From 7:00 to 8:45 pm

Nearby parking: 

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& artist

An opulent Renaissance façade and a contemporary, minimalist dining room.

Likewise, the gastronomic cuisine of Eric Girardin wonderfully combines various contrasts to offer a cuisine rich in flavours and character.

When the monochrome of the plate – between white, earth-tones and blue - meets the colours of the ingredients… 

The artisan, passionate about lovely seasonal products that intensify every day, comes together with the artist who creates his dishes.
This progressive cuisine makes the products of the region shimmer and shine from the inspiration of the chef's knowledge.

Front and centre are perfectly cooked cuts of fish, meat from our region, flavourful broths, seasonal vegetables, fruity and chocolate sweets…

The chef focuses on essential culinary elements to provide only the essence of each product.

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