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La Maison des Têtes

Colmar - Alsace

A 5-star hotel, a gastronomic restaurant
and a brasserie in Colmar

In the heart
of Colmar

La Maison des Têtes embodies the simple elegance of stately mansion homes that over the centuries refined the art of hosting.

It showcases cultural and historic heritage through its 5-star hotel, Brasserie Historique and a a Michelin-starred gastronomic restaurant.

The owners of the establishment, Eric and Marilyn Girardin, draw inspiration from the past while still being firmly rooted in the presentto express this heritage in a 21st-century setting.

La Maison des Têtes is a successful blend of the strengths of Alsatian tradition and modernity. 

M & T standing for Modernity and Tradition.


The 5-star hotel La Maison des Têtes has 21 fully equipped rooms.

Warmth and comfort for very a cosy stay. For a short weekend or a longer stay, as a couple or with the family, our entire staff will take care of you. 


Restaurant Girardinopens up in a immaculate white setting. Supreme purity and elegancefor experiencing a true gastronomic moment under the care of Chef Eric Girardin.

Discover our artisanal-artistic cuisine.

Restaurant Girardin has received a Michelin star.


Enter into the unique atmosphere of Brasserie Historique.

A subtle blend of Alsatian products and modernity that creates a "bistronomic"cuisine.

Choose among well-known classics, sauerkraut, and the inspirations of Chef Eric Girardin. 


Michelin-starred restaurant
A star in the Michelin Guide
Free WiFi
Reception from 8 to 22h
Room service from 6 am to 1 am
Gift boxes