To this reality we have added our own subjectivity, our "sensibility", the same one that is the signature of our establishment.

Throughout this menu, Chef Eric Girardin and his team have given the attention necessary for executing with complete consistency at each service these dishes created with a demonstrate clearly and precisely the ingredients used.

  • Clear and precise in their seasoning.
  • Clear and precise in their temperature.
  • Clear and precise in how they reach the palate…
€ 155
Travel in a sensitive world
Cut raw, with a langoustine consommé / verjuice granita.
Poivrade in freshness, barigoule broth and basil oil.
Sea bass from a small boat
Cooked on the skin / work with ceps / rock fish juice with tomato
Spring Onions
In tartlet / Onion soup style.
Pigeon by Thierry Laurent
- Cooked on its chest / lacquered beetroot and chioggia in petals / roasted figs of soliès.
- The leg and giblets in canailles, spicy jus and rustic bacon.
Munster cheese mousse
Cheese with Marc de Gewurztraminer-wine / fresh herbs and seasonal flowers.
a choice...
Conference pear in sorbet and poached in vanilla syrup / cream made with juniper / raw pear with Modertal Gin
“Gavotte” tartlet, smoked vanilla / black vanilla sorbet / pot of intense vanilla cream.
Seasonal menu.
Ordering: until 8.45 pm for dinner.

For this menu, we may suggest you a wine and meal pairing
for 98 € per person.


Some on the menu for each desire!

Duck foie gras in terrine
Seasonnal fruits chutney (Gluten
Meat terrine « Pâté en croute », pickles, herbs & wild flowers
Homemade smoked salmon trout
Light creamy sauce infused with lemon balm, crystallized lemon zests, buckwheat seeds. (Gluten-Dairy)
Snails from local Weiss area with garlic and parsley butter, crouton
(Dairy- Bulb- Gluten
6 pieces €12.00 12 pieces €24.00
Pierreusegoutte salad
Ham/ Emmental cheese / walnut / Sweetcorn / Hardboiled egg / pan fried potatoes/ bacon(Dairy-Peanut-Gluten-Bulb)
1/2 portion €12.00 Portion €17.00
Our Chef cut off with a knife fillets from fresh whole fish.
Pike quenelle
Served with spinach, rice and Riesling wine Sauce(Bulb-Gluten-Dairy- Seafood)
Pan fried Pikeperch fillet
Roasted cauliflower, mixt of cauliflower powder, lemon jelly, meat sauce with butter and dill(Dairy)
Our meats are born, raised & slaughtered in France/Holland/England/Ireland.
Handcut beef Tartar (180g)
Aromatic herbs, homemade tomatoes ketchup and parmesan cheese served with french fries and mesclun salad (Dairy-Bulb)
Alsacian chicken breast (200g)
Creamy duck foie gras sauce & black garlic

Garnish to choose. (Dairy-Bulb)
Pan fried calf's liver (190g)
Garnish to choose. 
Dry-Aged Meat
Garnish to choose
               - Simmental beef fillet, Origin : Austria (220g)€42.00
             -Piece of farm pig, Origin : France, Alsace (250g)€28.00
Sides, 1 per person :              
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Seasonal vegetables
  • Fench fries
  • Rice (long rice, black rice, herbs)
  • Green salad
€8.00 per Extra garnish
Sauces :                     
  • Shallot and Porto alcohol sauce  
  • Creamy foie gras sauce
  • Red wine sauce
  • Chicken sauce
Our local specialities
8 meats Choucroute
smoked shoulder, fresh pork, smoked bacon, Knack sausage, white sausage
smoked sausage, ham shank/ steamed potatoes (Bulb)
- Brasserie Historique
Cheese board
Lemon Sorbet
with Marc de Gewurztraminer wine
Hot chocolate mousse
Vanilla ice cream(Dairy- Egg)
Tart of the day
(Gluten-Dairy- Egg
Gourmet coffee
(Gluten-Dairy- Egg)

Boutique space
of the Brasserie

Want to dive into the pleasure of time spent at the Brasserie Historique? Enjoy our homemade dishes and take them home with you. Made with fresh, seasonal products, these dishes may be changed depending on availability.

Take away*

Gravlax salmon/ €9.5 per 100 gr.

Duck foie gras terrine/ €18 per 100 gr.

Pie-crust pâté with duck foie gras centre / €11 per 100 gr.

*upon request and with possible time constraints.